Custom Supports on Cura or Slic3r? It’s possible with Meshmixer!

The issue Sometimes it can be quite challenging to print a part. Take sweetie’s head, for example: This is quite a challenging print. If you try to use Slic3r’s support, you end up with something like this: Here is how much filament you’d use: The Solution Fortunately, you can use meshmixer to help you out. […]

Mosaic Palette and the E3D Lite6 – Bleeding Issues

The Issue The Mosaic Palette is an amazing device. It allows you to print in 4 colors instead of 1, opening up a world of possibilities. There are still quite limited offerings on thingiverse for Multiple Color STLs, but the list is growing every day. I fully calibrated the Mosaic Palette, and although it seemed […]