How to Flash the Seagate Exos X16 from the SN02 to SN03 Firmware

I recently purchased some of these Seagate Enterprise drives, and looks like they shipped with the SN02 Firmware. Upgrading on Windows is quite easy. Just be aware I tested with the drives still clean, while not in RAID.

If you were to run this on a live array, I strongly recommend doing one disk at a time, and taking the disk out of the array while you do it, to avoid any potential issues.


1 – Download the newest firmware from the seagate support page, by inputting your serial number here:

2 – Extract the contents, and copy the following to C:\Seachest:

3 – Open a command prompt in administrator mode, and type SeaChest_Firmware_270_11923_64 –scan to get a list of drives:

4 – Run the following command to update your drive, where “PX” is the Handle for the specific drive you want to update. In this example, I’m using PD0: SeaChest_Firmware_270_11923_64 -d PX –downloadFW EvansExosX16SATA-STD-512E-SN03.LOD

5 – Re-run the scan command, to confirm the firmware is indeed updated:

6 – And that’s it! Enjoy the latest firmware for your Exos drive!

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