Front audio connector doesn’t work with my headphone: A potential solution

I never really had a fancy headset, but with a $100 Sony credit about to expire (courtesy of MBNA cancelling their Sony card offering), I decided to take the plunge and buy a Sony Headphone.

After getting it charged up, I tried to plug it in on my PC. No sound 🙁

At first, I thought maybe there was some issue with my cabling, so I checked my motherboard’s JAUD1: It was properly connected to the HD_AUDIO connector from my case…

In fact, there is no way to mess connecting this up, as seen from the above diagram…

After a bunch of research, someone suggested fiddling around with the realtek audio software, and ticking the box: “Disable front panel jack detection”

Voila! It immediately started working! Hope this can help someone in case you run across the same issue! 🙂

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